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Intense Matte Lip Velvets

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APPLICATION – Triple milled so that it glides on liquid and dries matte. It is not sticky or tacky and does not flake
COLOR RICH – Twelve color-intense liquid lipsticks that deliver incredible color with one swipe
TRANSFER RESISTANT – Feather-weight, touch-proof, transfer-proof and does not streak
LONG WEAR – This is a real lip stain that lasts for several hours and does not dry out your lips
BUILDABLE – Gets more intense with each stroke

  • Money Talks
  • Chart Topper
  • Firebomb Red
  • Barbie's Best friend
  • Nude all Day
  • Frenemy
  • Doh Say I Say
  • Unmask Me
  • I've Got a Nude Attitude
  • My Secret Life
  • Knock Them Out
  • Are You Red-dy
  • Hang Over Red
  • In A Nutshell
  • Prim And Proper
  • Fatal Attraction
  • Bounce On It
  • Hashtag
  • Hello Boys!
  • Hi Maintenance
  • I'm in the Nude
  • Leading Lady
  • Life of D Party
  • No Filter
  • Partner In Crime
  • Pass the Money
  • Rev It Up
  • Show Stopper
  • So What's New
  • The IT Colour
  • Trust Issues
  • Bite My Lips
  • Wile or Wine
  • XOXO
  • You Only Live Once
  • Wicked Revenge
  • Under My Skin
  • Show Some Attitude
  • F is for Fabulous
  • Better Than The Ex
  • Playing With Fire
  • Out Of Office
  • Ready To Fete
  • Dial My Number
  • Maroon Gaze
  • Ring Of Fire
  • Social Butterfly
  • Zoom Call Me
  • Party Meister
  • Anniversary Bash
  • Special Invitee
  • Party Goer
  • Grand Gala
Shade : Money Talks

Twenty-eight, amazing color intense liquid lipsticks for multicultural women. They glide on liquid, dry matte and are feather-weight, touch-proof, transfer-proof and do not streak. They are not sticky or tacky and do not dry out your lips. The formula is buildable and the color gets more intense with every stroke.


Use the applicator to apply the desired amount to the upper and lower lips. Can be worn over lip liner, lipstick or worn on its own.

Reviews (19)

19 Reviews

I love every shade But my faves are hang over red, partner in crime, leading lady, im in the nude, live it up and bae needed
By Esther on 05/12/2021

I purchased "Pass me the money" almost 3 years ago. As of 2020 it still looks good. Has the same Pop like the first time i wore it. I'm not a avid make up user which is why I still have it. But i can say this is the only Lip i wear. An i get tons of compliment. So because it is in stock I will be purchasing money.
By on 07/08/2020

This is by far one of the best Matte Liquid Lip i have ever used.. The colors are very pigmented.. thumbs up.. Highly recommended.
By Sherry Ann on 06/29/2020

My #1 go-to lipstick. Apply once and it lasts ALL day. #loveit
By Rennica on 11/26/2019

Drama queen is such a gorgeous lipie why did you'll discontinue it??? Please bring it back the one that I have is almost done...
By on 10/18/2019

sacha you need to put out all the shades that are available
By on 07/15/2019

Fantastic colors.
By on 08/13/2018

I love how it dries. Matte does have a crack drying look.
By on 01/11/2018

So I purchased a few of the intense matte lip velvet shades however I have to say pass the money stands out. It is super super nice. It comes very close to Mac’s Ruby Woo. I wish I could show u all. Very pretty and its not chalky nor does it dry your lips.
By on 10/14/2017

Good product
By on 10/13/2017

At first, I bought the shade partner in crime, I absolutely love that shade might I add. The color is bold the application is smooth and most of all it stays on all night. I have no complaints. So I'm like wow I really like this so I must like all the other shades.... boy was I wrong. I then purchased the shade You only live once. I really liked that color because I'm a darker skin woman and I personally like reds and purples on me. I compared that shade to partner in crime and from the start, I could of tell that they had a different formula. Partner in crime was bold and pigmented but Y.O.L.O was patchy and streaky. When applying to my lips it was the same way. I had to build and build to actually get the color and fill in the spaces but by the time I was done doing that whenever I smiled it started to crack and flake off because of the amount of product I had to put on.I have tried to make it work on more than one occasion with more than one method but to no avail. Personally, if there is anyway I could get a refund I would be grateful because it wasn't worth my hard earned money but I must say I don't have any complaints about the other shades that I've tried so far.
By on 05/04/2017

I waited for 9 months for pass me the money to get back in stock and the color was well worth the wait I love it! Beautiful color and lasting impact
By on 02/15/2017

I am a liquid lipstick hoarder and by far this is one of the best I've used! Amazing colour range for all skin tones, lasts really long, doesnt transfer and doesn't flake off or crumble like other liquid lipsticks
By yogitasirju on 02/13/2017

the best eva.. didnt dry out my lips..
By Kedella on 02/02/2017

na na this is by FAR my fav products! ridiculously a great price and amazing color payoff! no more liquid lipsticks priced $200 and up for me, Well done sacha!
By GissySweetGyal on 01/17/2017

Hear nah, d besssss range of colors i ever see in meh life! and does stay on whole day! ou goush d best!
By RegularDegularSchmegular on 01/17/2017

These are amazing!!! The colors are fab, long lasting and doesn't transfer at all. And the names....bounce on it ;) Very catchy well done!!!
By Kika on 01/16/2017

Loveeee the range of colours and they really are long lasting and affordable!
By Lily on 01/16/2017

Best lipstick I have used. I looks amazing, goes on smoothly and lasts all day!
By on 07/20/2016

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