Pure Jewels Glitter Powder

Pure Jewels Glitter Powder

7 Reviews
Some shades are out of stock

Add some drama to your eyes - pigmented colour
Fine grade glitter
Travel sized
Versatile cosmetic glitter

  • Laser Red
  • Pure Bronze
  • Royalty
  • Pure Copper
  • Pure Gold
  • Pure Fire
  • Blue Shimmer
  • Pure Magenta
  • Pure Flame
  • Pink Cadillac
  • Pure Expresso
Shade : Laser Red

SACHA’s Pure Jewels are highly concentrated loose pigments that contains ingredients to help it adhere to the skin. Some are pulverised to a micro-fine grade while some remain as glitters. Can be applied to the eyes, lips or any area on the body. Do not streak or cake. Easy to apply and long-lasting. Unleash the shimmer!

For pulverised, powder pure jewels, apply using an eye shadow brush to the desired area(s) using a patting motion. It applies best when placed directly on to a primer. (Eye primer for eyes, or lipstick can be used as a primer for lips).

For glitter-grade pure jewels, apply using SACHA’s electro-static precision glitter applicator. Dip the applicator into the glitter and pat onto the desired area(s). Do not rub or try to blend the glitters, instead re-dispense and continue applying until the desired outcome is achieved. These pure jewels last all day long and apply best when placed directly on to a primer. (Eye primer for eyes, or lipstick can be used as a primer for lips).

Reviews (7)

7 Reviews

Sparkle is in this carnival season..
By Tamara on 02/03/2017

omg kika it's the same with me. I love this with my lip velvet. people shud give this a try!
By Andrea on 01/17/2017

Great colors, I'm ready for carnival. What's even more amazing is that I can pair this with a Lip Velvet to get glitter lips! <3
By Kika on 01/16/2017

Absolutely in love with this product! It's so versatile! I even use it to add some extra pizzazz to my lips! ;)
By Lily on 01/16/2017

Really gorgeous range of colours!
By Anna on 01/16/2017

Im in love with this, it is so beautiful! You have to love glitters and pigments to love this product, you NEED the applicator. Well worth it.
By on 05/12/2015

"This product is themost awesome. I'm obsessed with it. I boughtthis today and as soon as I gothome I was like akid with a new toy. It's totally fab."
By on 04/02/2015

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